The municipality of Sollentuna takes the next step after one year with Google Apps

10 March, 2011 | Posted in News

The municipality of Sollentuna was early to see the benefits with cloud services and after evaluating various vendors the municipality came to the conclusion and decided to use the Google Apps platform for the schools in the municipality. With Nordic Edge Opacus solution for cloud services Sollentuna could migrate and manage all users to Google Apps. The migration was done in late 2009 and covered about 11 000 students and 2650 teachers.

A prerequisite for Sollentuna schools moving to Google Apps was to find an economic and technical easy solution to administer all students and teachers time-efficient and secure in Google Apps.

An educational tool

The goal was to find a tool to get the education and learning process to become even more inspiring, enjoyable and effective, all in order to give students the best possible conditions to achieve good results. After careful consideration was Google Apps selected, which proved to be the most educational, but also the platform that had the best opportunities for collaboration.

The move to the cloud

In order to use Google Apps cloud services Sollentuna needed a solution to efficient manage all students and teachers in the cloud. Sollentuna chose Nordic Edge Opacus solution. With federation and provisioning, Opacus manage users efficiently, safely and avoids duplication of administration. For password management Sollentuna uses Nordic Edge Password Kiosk that allows administrators and even the students themselves to change their password in Google Apps.

Many benefits for schools

“With the right technology in place, schools have had a profound and fantastic development opportunity. Our new tools will enable us, in principle, to redefine the role of the school. We have had a more open school that allows learning anywhere and at any time, classroom diminishing role and availability increases. The school is there for students, teachers and parents whenever they need it, regardless of time of day,”said Anna Österman, Educational Developer and Project Manager at Sollentuna

”The combination of Nordic Edge Opacus and Password Kiosk provides a complete solution for cloud services including decentralization of password management which saves time for both user and the IT department. Sollentuna was early to use cloud services which always adds extra demands on the technical solution but perhaps even more on the introduction to the organization. It is therefore great to see that the implementation worked well and that Sollentuna takes the next step and opens for smart phones and touch pads to Google Apps,”, said Andreas Carlsson, Product Manager at Nordic Edge.

Lösning hos Sollentuna

About Sollentuna

Sollentuna, located just north of Stockholm, is the home to over 64 000 people and all does not commute to town. Here is full of life, with many business and retail centers, mixed with fine natural areas and cultural activities. New Sollentuna Centre, Järvafältet and Edsvik Art, are just a few examples. Sollentuna is constantly growing and is currently an ongoing urban transformation in which the central area of Sollentuna rolled out and gets a new character.

About Nordic Edge

Nordic Edge is a software provider with products for Identity and Access Management that helps companies increase login security and simplify management of users in local networks and cloud services. Solutions from Nordic Edge include two-factor authentication, role-based delegated user and authorization administration, federation and provisioning. Nordic Edge is an Intel company.

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